Foundation training is designed to prepare students for a career in the automotive repair trade. Want to talk to someone about specific questions? O'�P�:�^����:���P#�C��_���SaUE;~��~*(��,��Κx�Ik p�X1*��XV�~��mS�og~�Tvp��O�PjX��hA U��i�����1���� ���=� բL#'w;[#�� �} +�w�����LdV ��S���N7�m�8��R�᠚�Jo�9fr��� The Automotive Service Technician program will train you to become a skilled technician. Automotive Service Technician 1 . �z������I�j�k�A������,/�t�/�w N��>�∔�bDI6�c�%b;������1eEz7`��s��oB�K��~n�V�� �e�����e�7�,�uF,��\�G[��~�����*Mo"��|���[P����[cJ^kQ���$4B��AF�%j��Q")p���Lt��7�+��z6/Cn1�]�Ɲb��$�$�/��.���P$�lPFQ#�����h�U��+R_�p�Mw�D�fjw\�ĕ�g���6^t���X��+SXm�c��9M���}�Z���g�+4(�(���sի }�>�����cT�M�0�H�7���+�K�ݵ0�?�/ Courses in Ontario college mechanic and repair programs (also known as “automotive service technician” programs) equip students with technical and theoretical information, and then allow them to apply their knowledge in simulated automotive workshops. For more information on apprenticeship training, please visit the Industry Training Authority (ITA) website at, contact the ITA at 1-866-660-6011, or call Tanya Reiber at Vancouver Island University toll–free at 1-888-920-2221, Ext. You’ll learn how to diagnose, repair, service and maintain advanced mechanical and electrical systems in today’s vehicles. 7074 0 obj <>stream Consider a career as an auto mechanic. Note: This trade is transitioning to a Pan-Canadian Harmonized program, so it is important that Apprentices understand how that impacts their program path. Apprenticeship Pathway. Graduates of this program may receive credit towards the technical portion of the first year of the Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship program. This Automotive Service Technology program provides excellent preparation for an apprenticeship as an Automotive Service Technician. The apprentice level training provides provincially certified apprenticeship training for registered Automotive apprentices in Level 1, 2, 3, and 4. Today’s automotive industry requires highly trained technicians and knowledgeable, proactive sales staff who can deliver on customers’ evolving expectations. These foundational courses build your base knowledge from the ground up, teaching you how to diagnose, maintain and repair domestic and foreign vehicles like a true automotive professional. Cost for the Automotive Service Technician Program . The Auto Mechanics Program has undergone a review and will be relaunched in Fall 2021 as the Automotive Service Technician Program. Please refer back to this program page for updates. �y�h��8�� For information on any previous versions please check our, Trades and Applied Technology Apprenticeship, Cooperative Entrepreneur Training Certificate, Art and Design - Arts General Admission Requirements, Bachelor of Arts, Visual Art Major and Minor, Bachelor of Arts, Honours, Majors, and Minors, Languages and Culture (Romance Languages), Advanced Diploma in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Applications, Master of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications, Post-Degree Diploma in Languages and Culture (Romance Languages), Proficiency in Language and Culture Certificate, Professional Indigenous Lands Management Certificate, Bachelor of Business Administration, Majors, and Minors, Business Fundamentals for Aboriginal Communities Certificate, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation Advanced Diploma (Online), Bachelor of Education - Post Baccalaureate, Inclusive Education (Special Education) Graduate Diploma, Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Online Learning and Teaching Graduate Diploma, Special Education Teacher Specialty Post-Degree Diploma, English as a Second Language (ESL) Program, Community Health Promotion for Aboriginal Communities, Graduate Diploma in Gerontology: Active Aging, Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma, Education Assistant and Community Support, British Columbia First Nations Building Inspector, Bachelor of Science, Majors, Minors and Transfer, Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture, Integrated Engineering Technologist Diploma, Post-Degree Diploma in Fisheries and Aquaculture, Post-Degree Diploma in Natural Resource Law Enforcement, Adventure Tourism and Recreation Certificate, Culinary Arts Bridging to Bachelor of Hospitality Management, Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management, Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Leisure Management, Master of Arts in Sustainable Leisure Management, Fundamentals of Forest Harvesting Practices, Information Technology and Applied Systems – Systems Administration and Networking Diploma, Information Technology and Applied Systems – Web and Mobile Development Diploma, Motorcycle Mechanic and Marine Technician, Power Engineering/Process Operator - 4th Class, Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (TESOL), Equivalencies and Advanced Placement Program, Mature students without Grade 12 will be required to complete an. The instructors are all highly trained Journeyperson Automotive Technicians with at least ten years' trade experience. 5 It all starts with completing a core program at one of our auto mechanic schools. VIU’s 10-month, entry-level Automotive Service Technician program gives students the skills and knowledge they need to find work as an automotive apprentice, a trainee parts person or service advisor. In less than a year, you could be a trained automotive technician. Programs for non-apprentices are often designed to replicate some of the training that apprentices receive while on the job. This program provides students with skills and knowledge in the subject area of automotive service technician and provides students with appropriate skills for entering the industry on a permanent basis. What’s unique about the VIU Automotive apprenticeship is that students work in a live shop environment, applying classroom theory to real-world situations using all the latest tools and diagnostic equipment. When applying to graduate, students will be charged a non-refundable graduation and alumni fee. dPL�y߆9��@�#��W��ʌv� � J�t�:� 1��+�@-��֎Ģ�8F��&2�����(ȕe���ޢ9M�F���vs>(�tL�K���b�@��]�[u~س�v`֬Àx�U�4�"v��vL%k��m��l��Wf���.l�?ꞔ(��溁U�Z,�^����'a~ZR���v�k�/� �qE��jF)��]�V^&��O��� ����}����� j��/ݔ���M(�M銨���g(�Dz-L�ΨN�W��5�8�&���Bi��꯾ya����t��'��]���>��ˢ�`��%�$B�W7��Z���c�\����'�X1�$�:��E�kڀ���%ڃvs�6Q�e����j�U�={�4݅�:��e|Q�N� l�K��3�cY���aҲ0�)-1l�n�_x���st����n����:,.1N^fD��e��{�/��-�Jg����3b�@e��A9������"�q]Wy��D���H=l��Z�tv��-mC.K�iӉ##�G 2cO3mD�l���hE��h��"A�i�}��χϜ�A!��x��+�gQ��u�r�Z��Jq(J���pS���O��a3�M�)����P��[+(Q�����q�.Y�z�{O��Be����ep/�Ӊ7��|4���8/`��� :h��3�*�U�3��/�ۗ��r�;��v�r �3�y�dF�B�SI��%�l�F��������u�w�A���E@�(%!��F�v}W��b0I�VbR|�GQR��=�t�יb���X8:2l��֓1�l?���|�w�Xd6J7���Bpʃ"��sJy\ ��ׅ��H֢��pR��?`��{�����Քqi��,�\{F��F.��MD@���DZ��jt���ǰY�z\��"�b�E�tn���U�;��L�`-�k#G��rw57�����b���/{g��-����Ƀi?���s��%. On-Time Completion Rate Program Year: 2016-17 - EVENING PROGRAM. Some courses have additional fees to pay for extraordinary class–related expenses. Automotive service technicians possess the full range of knowledge and abilities required to perform preventative maintenance, diagnose problems and repair vehicle systems including engines, vehicle management, hybrids, steering, braking, tires, wheels, drivetrains, suspension, electrical, electronics, heating, ventilation and air conditioning … The Automotive Service Technician program exceeds the provincial standards of Foundation and Entry Level programs throughout BC.