TIME: 10:00AM. Locally, the most desirable breed includes the Holstein Freshian commonly referred to as Freshian. advertisement. The most expensive land costs KSh 10,000,000 per acre while the cheapest costs KSh 750,000 per acre. Kenyans job offer in Canada dairy farms 2019 hurry and apply . Moreover, small scale dairy farming in Kenya has offered employment opportunities to more than eight hundred thousand individuals in the country thereby upgrading their living standards. I have 5 dairy cows (4 Friesians and 1 Ayreshire), 2 Heifers that have been served and three young calves (about 10 months old). Additionally, Cowsoko is also another online platform where livestock trading takes place. Thursday, August 25, 2011 at 06:35. When purchasing dairy cattle, one must be keen not to buy good looking cows that will end up producing low milk. Plots for sale in Nakuru Located 8km from Maili Kumi along the Nakuru Nyahururu highway. With an average milk production of 400 litres daily, the former Headteacher prides himself as one of the leading dairy farmers in Kenya. Where to buy dairy cows in Kenya One can purchase good dairy cattle from various authorized farms such as Gichecha Farm in Ruiru, Manera (Delamere Estate) in Naivasha, Agricultural Development Corporation in Kitale, University of Nairobi Farm in Kabete and Kisima Farm in Njoro among many others. Silage making is practiced by large dairy farmers as it uses heavy and expensive machinery that small scale farmers cannot afford. Kenya’s dairy sector contributes about 14% of agricultural GDP and 3.5% of total GDP. You can earn a Million in 10 months from 3 Dairy Cows. The other place one can buy dairy cows in Kenya is OLX. Well for starters, you need to check the farm records of the cow as most will have characteristics similar to its parents, grandparents or other relatives. I reside near Nyahururu town LAIKIPIA DISTRICT, Kenya, East Africa. County enhancing value addition to stabilise milk market By Jackosn Okata Nakuru County is banking on value addition to stabilise raw milk market prices to enable dairy farmers to reap the full benefits. Friesians are large animals with color patterns of black and white or red and white. If you're looking for Dairy Cattle for sale you've come to the right place. Secondly, inspect the udder and go for wide but medium sized udder that is not hanging. One highlight of our trip was visiting Ellen and John, a couple of household dairy farmers. Thinking Globally, Producing Locally About Our Farm About Us About Imani Dairy Farm “Combining over 15 years of hard work and shared family knowledge” This is a small-scale family farm that was started in 2007 in Karatina, Nyeri County, Kenya and is managed by Maina Muthuma, and his wife, Angi Yoder-Maina. A SPECIAL AUCTION ON A WILLING-SELLER WILLINGBUYER BASIS OF FRIESIAN & AYRSHIRE DAIRY COWS. The Kenya Stud Book works with the various breed societies to train breeds inspectors across the country to assist them in carrying out field extension work . The average price of land for sale in Gilgil, Nakuru is KSh 2,050,000 per acre. The Friesian cow originated in the Netherlands and are most quickly recognized by their distinctive black and white color markings and outstanding milk production. READ ALSO: Business plan for dairy farming in Kenya. Stock for Sale. Best Dairy Farmers in Kenya: BY FARMERS TV: When Gilbert Ngetich bought his first Friesian cow in 2009, little did he know that 10 years later, he would be feted for his outstanding performance in a field he had little knowledge in.. Then they put a description of the animal that includes its breed, weight, age as well as the animal’s picture. Dairy farmer Thomas Letangule runs a dairy farm in the outskirts of Kabarak, Nakuru County. - @1. Kenya was identified as the appropriate host for the RDCoE due to its comparative advantage in the dairy industry in the region. For Sale. Dairy farmers can plant maize in their farms to be used as animal feeds. Additionally, the dairy industry in Kenya accounts for around 5-8 % of the total GDP.. From these numbers, you can see that dairy farming in Kenya is an industry that has the potential to improve livelihoods further if well managed. A mature Friesian cow weighs about 700 Kg and stand 150 cm tall at the shoulder. The Freshian breed has features that include short horns, mature cows weigh approximately 500-650 kilos, have black and white markings om them while in some few cows it could be white or red, and are hump less. The following excerpt will explore some of the best dairy breeds that do well in the country, how to select the best dairy cows as well as where to buy graded dairy cows in Kenya that will guarantee high milk production. In a generation where most of the population cares about the calories in their diet this is of utmost importance. From Holsteins, Jersey, Cross Breeds, Guernsey, Swiss, and organic - you will find it all right here at DairyDealer.com. Dairy Farming in Kenya My Story. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Our fodder is grown organically on a reclaimed swamp. There are several key elements to put into consideration for a successful dairy farming in Kenya. Find Farms for sale in Nakuru through Property24 Kenya. Thirdly, examine the legs and ensure that they are strong enough to enable it walk and feed well especially when pregnant. You should also ensure to buy calm cows as they are easier to handle when it comes to milking them. This is a question often asked by dairy producers who are searching for the best dairy cow for their farm stock. An ideal dairy cattle produces roughly around 8,500 to 10,000 kiloliters of milk per annum while a good Holstein Freshian cow is presumed to have 12 to 15 lactation. Napier grass just like fermented maize crops is a rich source of nutrients and so farmers with no access to maize plants can feed Napier grass to their dairy cattle after chopping them into smaller pieces. The answer may appear simple until you make a mistake with the cow you purchase. The legs should be straight but wide apart when viewed from behind or front. For healthy cows and more production of milk try Dony Dairy meal feeds. What are some of the things to look out for when selecting good dairy cattle? He was awarded a gold certificate last week for his Sweet Farm Dairies Roret farm which stood out among others in the region. Dairy Farming in Rift Valley: Bahati, located in Nakuru County, is an attractive region, with its good weather and rising population making farming one of the most profitable ventures. This breed originated in the Channel Islands near the north coast of France. For this reason, it is recommended to have some dairy farming training in Kenya before committing any of your cash into the venture. Silage boosts dairy cow farming in Kenya during drier seasons as it is used to feed dairy cattle thereby ensuring the livestock is feed through all seasons. Most of the small scale dairy farmers in Kenya as well as pastoralists rear breeds like the Sahiwal, Boran, East African Shorthorn Zebu, and Fleckvieh. Obviously, cows are milked by hand at the household level. Once the maize has matured, it should be cut into smaller pieces to make silage. Feel free to comment through our Contact page. Pure Exotic Fresian Dairy Cow Due In 3 Weeks ... Nakuru, Lanet/Umoja, TODAY, 06:09 – Livestock & Poultry ... Incalf Dairy Cow 4 Sale KSh 90,000. Dairy farming in Kenya is a flourishing sector with more than a million small scale dairy farmers rearing over 3.5 million cows that produce a total of 4.2 billion of liters annually. The reason that the Freshian is considered the best dairy cows in Kenya is that out of the five best breeds, it yields the highest milk quantities per lactation. Platform for dairy farmers to buy and sell their cows. About 2 million farming households – or 35% of rural households – produce milk, and women play a major role in dairy production throughout the country. The sellers often log onto the website, then select the item icon found in the top right corner of the home screen. Other than maize crops like Calliandra and Tricandra are also great option that are rich in proteins. Lilian Satia, a young dairy entrepreneur in Nakuru, Kenya (photo credit: ILRI/Georgina Smith). OLX is a platform where sellers advertise their products then meet up with potential buyers.