Simon & Schuster 2012 212 pages $25.00 Hardcover RC464 In this New York Times bestseller, Smith candidly but humorously presents his personal story of suffering under the yoke of acute anxiety, discussing his mother, losing his virginity, his favorite therapist, and a series of events which cause or have caused anxiety attacks. This book does a nice job of helping conceptualize the anxiety creating portion of the brain in a relatable, non-threatening way. But something didn't really click for me here. I hated and loved being around crowds. For the first time I actually have hope and not just a resolve that I will be miserable with anxiety my whole life. Of course, I could have just read these on my own and provided a review, but why not involves someone of the intended audience demographic. One of the many useful recommendations is to start being more focused on our needs and cope straight forward with our challenges, including by taking risks. I identified more with the personal situations presented in showing the author’s methods for identifying and addressing “feeding the monkey” habits. Book Review: MONKEY MIND: A MEMOIR OF ANXIETY by Daniel Smith Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety by Daniel Smith. The author also gives some clear 'step-by-step' advice to overcome anxiety. I didn’t want to fill the world with another set of clinical self-help books. I had never thought about welcoming anxiety before as a way to not feed the monkey. This book however words anxiety-inducing situations as ways to expand learning to become more confident. Reading Group Guide; Rave and Reviews; About The Book. Daniel Smith wrote a memoir of his experiences with anxiety in the book titled Monkey mind:A memoir of anxiety. This book portrayed a very interesting view on anxiety in an easy, fluent style and I certainly liked the metaphor of "the monkey mind" and "feeding it". Decent but the material was better covered in other books I have read recently. Simon & Schuster, July 3, 2012 ISBN 978-1-4391-7730-3 (Hardcover) Mental illness is a serious, grave topic. Wiggle, wiggle! Knowing the root cause of your problems is something very valuable, but author suggests that it's even more important to know what is it that you do that maintains your anxiety - and how to change that. The reality is anxiety is often much messier and complicated and harder to figure out. ISBN number: 9781611805840. For the first time I actually have hope and not just a resolve that I will be miserable with anxiety my who. These Books Explain Why You Feel That Way. Monkey Mind A Memoir of Anxiety. I read (or actually listened to) this book because I have suffered from mild anxiety symptoms since my teenage years. The charts towards the end of the book also provided more positive spins on negative things without using positive or negative language. This is a great book - it's very easy to read but it makes you think! . Nothing new here. Monkey Mind Tales® is an award winning children's book series that uses fairytales and fables to explore the puzzling world of humans. We’d love your help. This mindset follows the logic: 'As long as I am certain, as long as I am perfect, and as long as others are okay, I will be safe, able to relax, and happy'. I consider it a success if I learn one new thing and that happened so the time spent reading it was worth the effort. I love the concept of this book. I enjoyed the "problem presentation" part of the book very much. Is it me or are we all getting more anxious these days? This book does a nice job of helping conceptualize the anxiety creating portion of the brain in a relatable, non-threatening way. Welcome back. “Are you giving up your long-term interests or compromising your personal values in exchange for short-term anxiety relief? Be the first to ask a question about Don't Feed the Monkey Mind. . Author: Ralph De La Rosa. eBook. Visit Rebecca J Palmer’s website for more about her and her book. Number of pages: 288. It has helped me immensely, and I look forward to see how far I can get as I keep applying it. It was a quick and easy read, which helps when a person is struggling and wants to find fast tools to help. I came to this book during a period of high anxiety, and was able to apply there principles and techniques as I read the book. In English-language publishing, fewer books are titled with "mind monkey", such as Master the Mind Monkey (Patkar 2007), than "monkey mind". I enjoyed the concept as it was different from other self help books. Publisher: Shambhala Publications. I was an anxious child, prone to stomach aches, missing school, and nightmares of a man who lived under the house. My counselor plopped it into my hands as a quick but effective assistant to my anxiety. It became a little repetitive after a while though. Each card has a beautiful illustration on one side, with a fun activity on the back. It has helped me to see that everything I do to stifle, avoid, hide, or distract me from my anxiety just “feeds the monkey” and makes my anxiety worse. I love the concept of this book. My counselor plopped it into my hands as a quick but effective assistant to my anxiety. Than I would get myself so tired up in knots I wouldn't be able to eat or sleep for days on end. I have been known to call my anxiety Monkey Chatter and was able to relate well to to the anxiety, fears and worry describe in this book. Book reviews; Monkey Mind; Monkey Mind. Other examples of book titles include … Piper’s monkey is playful but very naughty, and he often prevents her from doing the things she enjoys the most. That said, I'll just go with my gut and say 3.5 stars. To be completely honest, the reason I first noticed this book was that it was on sale. Intimate, compelling memoir exploring the boundaries of the author’s severe anxiety. Read what people think about Monkey Mind by Daniel Smith, and write your own review. Monkey Mind is a rare gem.”, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “Monkey Mind is fleet, funny, and productively exhausting.” -- Ben Greenman, The New York Times Book Review “Superb writing [and] marvelous humor . Monkey Mind is a rare gem.” ― Pittsburgh Post-Gazette “Monkey Mind is fleet, funny, and productively exhausting.” -- Ben Greenman ― The New York Times Book Review “Superb writing [and] marvelous humor . ( Log Out /  Brief Content. April 1st 2017 A low-rent road to quick inner serenity with drifty Japanese-style flute music to speed the way. It looks at the side effects of our social structure, how it affects children, and continues to affect them as they enter adulthood. Advice on how to get him to shut his mouth, mostly in the form of lists. Unfortunately I just read it too late and I wish somebody gave it to me five years ago. Even the three examples of patients she uses throughout the book have relatively simple and straightforward symptoms. 9781439177303 Monkey mind; a memoir of anxiety. Here we go. But overall I found the book to offer useful ways of thinking about anxiety as well as some useful tools. Anyway ... back to the book. But I needed plenty of help myself. Create an “if-then” plan for times when monkeys start to get the better of you. Daniel Smith's anxiety is matched by a wonderful sense of the comic, and it is this which makes Monkey Mind not only a dark, pain-filled book but a hilariously funny one, … Mom: My favorite was the Hurricane card and activity. I think it was the over-simplification of the monkey metaphor paired with rather complicated solutions. Vibrant images from illustrator Alexander Vidal are paired with key phrases and short meditations or activities to help children learn about themselves without judgement. The book highlights two different states of mind: the “monkey mind” and the “observing mind.” The monkey mind is the inner critic that spirals your emotions out of control, invokes erratic thoughts, and creates anxiety. My journey writing this book began as a 5 year-old, sitting next to my mother while she studied for her psychology classes. Illustrator : Rebecca J. Palmer. Start by marking “Don't Feed the Monkey Mind: How to Stop the Cycle of Anxiety, Fear, and Worry” as Want to Read: Error rating book. But something didn't really click for me here. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Navigate changing emotions with this beautifully illustrated meditation deck featuring 30 cards to help kids connect more deeply with themselves and others.Help your child become more focused, calm, and capable of dealing with overwhelming emotions. Opinions expressed in this review are completely our own. The book, however, will give you a realistic account of how it is to live with anxiety, and, hopefully, will help you gain motivation to seek support. So I'm not entirely sure as to how I should rate this. And for the most part it's efficient and uses some anecdotal examples like Eric and Maria to sympathize with. If the answer is yes to these questions, you’ve found a safety strategy.”, “Resisting, avoiding, and distracting yourself from your anxiety are behaviors that send the wrong message to your brain. Reviews; Monkey Mind Tales® Book Series. Mom: Having practiced yoga for more than a decade, I learned how to deal with the “monkey mind” and how to refocus.