James March tells the Countess that he is responsible for trapping Valentino and Natacha in the closed hallway. Donna tries to help Brooke readjust to a normal life, though Brooke is consumed with hatred towards Margaret. Michael returns to the school with Queenie and Madison, causing Cordelia to faint, losing her powers in the presence of a new leader. Dandy, having taken Twisty's mask to continue his murderous legacy, kills his housemaid. Benjamin confronts Margaret, where she confesses she had committed the murders, thus meaning Benjamin is innocent of the initial camp massacre. Sister Mary Eunice murders a female Mexican patient who accurately identifies Satan within the nun. Mary Eunice feeds the woman's body to Dr. Arden's ", On the night of a terrible winter storm, Sister Jude arranges for the patients to watch. Sidney lies, as Dominic has already agreed to return. Beverly Hope then reports on the scene and, to spite Kai, cites that the community is still unsafe and unstable. Ally gets a call from Dr. Vincent on behalf of Ivy. After closing the restaurant, a member of FIT breaks into the restaurant and hangs Roger alive on one of the meat hooks. She hires Iris as a manager at the. Ally declares that she will have Oz all to herself. After a brief argument about their marriage, they start having sex. Lana is rewarded by Sister Jude for helping stop Kit and Grace from escaping. The next morning, Ally and Ivy find their front-yard full of dead birds. One day, Elizabeth stumbles upon her husband hacking off the body parts of a destitute beggar in a bathtub, and realizes that he is a serial killer. Twisty kills Jeffrey and Mildred Bachman during the night and kidnaps their son, Eudora Tattler, ashamed and frightened that her daughters. These murders would be so culture-shifting that Kai Anderson would be elected to protect the people. She convinces him to select those with money and jewels so that his "hobby" can financially support them both. Elsa sells the Tattler Sisters to Dandy, but tells the other freaks that the twins ran off when she took them dress shopping. Meadow becomes disillusioned with the cult and attempts to leave, but Kai, Harrison, and Jack capture her and place her in solitary confinement. Outraged by their new owner, the remaining freaks push Dandy to the ground and announce that they all quit the show. SCUM targets, shoots, and kills Paul Lee Stine in the Presidio Heights neighborhood in San Francisco. October 30, 2018 by Ryan Roschke. Fiona gives the Axeman a new memory so that the Coven think that she is dead. Agnes Mary Winstead, in character as The Butcher, comes to Audrey Tindall's house in an attempt to assault her and steal her Saturn Award, prompting Audrey to call 9-1-1. Bette and Dot set out to find someone to deflower them, only to come across traveling salesman. She is arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, and is sentenced to six months at the Holly Hill Mental Health Facility, where she was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. Their plan is to have Kai escape, but allow Ally and Beverly the chance to kill him. Humiliated, Madison begins to pack and leave with the intention of revealing to the public the Coven and the Academy out of spite. Ally struggles to have a relationship with Oz. 17,636 people follow this. Kai agrees to help Ivy make Ally seem insane so that Ivy can take Oz, the restaurant, and everything else all to herself and be with Winter. Fraulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities has a sold-out show, but after a failed performance, Elsa decides to accept Stanley's offer to be on TV. That was the case with Murder House, Coven, Hotel, Roanoke, and Cult. Episode Seven (The Dead) Episode Six (The Axeman Cometh) Episode Five (Burn, Witch. Ivy then has Pedro bring Ally a phone charger and candles for the blackout. Created by Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy. Ally and Ivy are concerned by that possibility, but Ally realizes that Oz is safe as long as Kai thinks he's his son and allows Oz to sleepover. According to, A woman named Elizabeth Parris accuses Tituba of witchcraft and "cursing" the girls of Salem, leading to the, Facing persecution during the Witch Trials, the ailing, Soon after, Edward's art collection is dismantled as a warning by the ghosts to leave their land, though Edward believes his servants to be responsible instead and locks them in a cellar until one of them confesses. NOTE: Remember that this is a timeline, not a scene-by-scene recap of events that occurred in all the various seasons. Furious at having been used by Margaret, Benjamin tries to kill her, however, Margaret shoots Benjamin. Sister Jude, now once again referred to as her birthname. It is revealed Bruce was the one writing. 2. Ally then accidentally shoots Pedro at her doorstep in front of Oz, mistaking him for an intruder. As a result, events changed by Tempus Infinituum are categorized under Alternate Timeline. During dinner, Ally decides Oz gets to keep Mr. Queenie is also warned against staying at Hotel Cortez, which means she never dies there. Ramirez murders the members of the music band Kajagoogoo, who were set to perform at the event. Ramirez and Benjamin battle each other, at the same time Montana fights Donna. Three and a half years before the prophesized apocalypse, Cordelia Goode was given a horrible vision of the end of the world. After being interrogated and tortured, Michael releases Gallant from his bonds, revealing he wasn't the Rubber Man, and that Evie was the one who turned him in. Shelby Miller is mortally wounded by Agnes Mary Winstead, prompting Lee Harris, Audrey Tindall, and Monet Tumusiime to venture in the woods and alert Sindey Aaron James while Matt Miller and Dominic Banks look after Shelby in the house. They decide to form a watch duty over his body, killing him over and over again so that Ramirez will remain trapped in the camp. Cordelia then arises, eyes fully restored, and is crowned the new Supreme. A heavily deformed and mutated Brock, having survived the nuclear bombs, finds and infiltrates the Outpost to find Coco. Winter apologizes for framing Beverly and attempts to save her by giving Beverly an amtrak ticket to Butte, Montana to escape the cult. Kai then holds them together, believing their his family. Whoever doesn't drink is shot - Pus Bucket refuses and is shot by Gary. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fun fact: the short film was incorporated as a scene in the well-known 2004 feature length American horror movie. Ivy, at the restaurant, gets a call from Ally about the power-outage, but her phone dies. Xavier, Montana, and Trevor discover their assailant had been imitators of Benjamin, for an annual Jingles Day, however, the real Benjamin arrives and kills the imitators. Zoe and Madison use their powers against each other and Kyle. Ivy and RJ show weakness among the ranks. Asylum. Dr. Vincent agrees to help her with the ad by suggests not confronting the protestors. There, the man is revealed to be Brock and kills Coco out of revenge for leaving him behind. Later that night, Brooke is attacked in her home by Ramirez but survives the ordeal, however he promises to find and kill her later. But even many of those were mixed with flashbacks to supplement the larger story. Michael is then arrested for killing the butcher. The Babadook has supernatural elements to it and is more a psychological horror than an Australian slasher film. Such phobia stemmed from her troubled childhood when her father used to lock her in a cupboard. On Wednesday, Bianca Forest has a session with Ben Harmon. Michael, feeling lost without his followers, finds the Church of Satan, where he is worshipped. This starts a mutual respect between the two. Meanwhile, FIT invade the house and terrorize Ally. Nov 11, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Shugo. American Horror Story season 8 finale creates altered timeline for entire show Posted on : November 15, 2018 Note: This article contains some pretty apocalyptic spoilers for the latest episode of American Horror Story , ‘Apocalypse Then’.