Disconnection from our intuition, from our bodies’ healing wisdom, from other people, disconnection from nature, and from God. 4. Testimonials “The integrity, compassion and healing spirit of this company is something everyone should strive for in every interaction with ourselves and others. Using Bach Flower Remedies For Cats. Flower essences can be used in many ways. Using Bach Flower Remedies Making a Combination. What to Expect When Giving Flower Essences to Dogs. Add 2 drops of each essence to the water. The Bach Flower Remedies work in harmony with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants. In this workshop, you will learn how to safely and successfully use lily flower essences to enhance both emotional and pelvic health. Whether you are taking essences for your own healing or are a Practitioner using our range, this video is for you. This is the usual method. Use dark glass to store the flower essences. While originally developed for human use, we have found that the Bach Flower remedies work beautifully on animals, too. The method for making flower essences was first developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900s in England, after he spent months in the countryside creating the well known set of 38 original Bach Flower Essences. I was eighteen years old the first time I came across flower essences. If you use other flower essences then you already know how to use these “flower enhancers”. However, traditions involving the vibrational healing qualities of flowers and water date back several … The class will cover: When and how to use flower essences for animals. Flower & Vibrational Essences can be used in any situation where there is a lack of well-being in some aspect of your life, be that energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual. Using multiple essences: Combine up to 7 essences to make your personal blend. The skin and hair absorb the positive energetic vibration, creating an inward balance, resulting in health of body, mind and spirit. As you continue to work with the essences, you will become more receptive to what and how much you need to be using. One bottle of an essence will usually last for the entire transformation cycle – approximately two months. Use of Edis Liquids premixed Bach Flower Essences. Traditionally, dark glass is used to maintain the “bioactivity” of the remedy. dropper bottle and fill with spring water (not tap water). How to Use Flower Essences for Animals Administering Flower Essences With Animals How Much to Give, How Often and for How Long. Pink Azalea: Speak Your Truth. Store your essence in a dark cupboard, away from direct light and heat. Visit these Bach Flower Web-Sites If you are using flower essences three to four times per day, you will likely feel a shift in two to three days. The general dosage is four drops four times a day, however, instructions are available on the bottles or from the manufacturers. Monica shows you how to use flowers in sun infused water to create flower essences. They are also safe to use on animals. For those who would rather not ingest essences, no problem! For many, life presents situations that can be edgy, sharp, or even resentful. It is best to take your formula first thing in the morning and just before bed, as these are times when you will tend to be the most receptive to the gentle influence of the flowers. You will learn how to improve the well-being of animals using flower essences. While you can take the remedies undiluted, it’s best to prepare a treatment bottle from the full-strength glass “stock bottle” you purchase. Ensure that you keep the essence away from extreme heat and keep lidded as much as possible. The essence-infused liquid is further processed and bottled as a stock remedy. These can be returned to the earth (buried or composted) or tossed into a natural stream (creek or river). How to make flower essences. Add two drops of your chosen Remedy to the new bottle of spring water. You may also mist into a glass of water, or apply to your skin on pulse points. The earliest European recorded use of flower essences was by abbess Hildegard von Bingen in the twelfth century, who would place muslin sheets over flowers at night to absorb their dew, which would then be collected in the morning, rung out, and used to treat people with emotional imbalances. In any mode of use, it helps to potenize or energize the essence by rhythmically shaking or tapping the bottle before use. Essences can be used externally as well. How to recognize mirroring by animals and what you can learn from it and what to do. Using a single essence: Adults: Add 2 drops in water and sip at intervals throughout the day or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Ideally, animals should take in a few drops of the essences about four times per day. When & Why Would I Use An Essence? Because I question what bioactivity remains in these remedies, I’m comfortable using clear glass. Be sure to make note of how quickly the essences work and what insights arise. Enjoy a few drops of Dandelion Flower Essence to revive and boost your whole system, and increase motivation and willpower. Put 2 drops (4 drops of Revival Remedy combination) from each of the stock bottles that you have selected, into a clean glass dropper bottle containing no more than 30ml of spring or spa water, together with a teaspoon of brandy or cider vinegar as a preservative. Dr. Edward Bach discovered and created the first line of flower essences in 1935. * Flower essences can also be applied topically, rubbed gently onto the body. Keep in mind, however, that there are many creative and effective ways to use flower essences. A typical time frame to begin to see results is within 3-5 days. You can find out more about flower essences in our post, How To Use Flower Essences for Emotional Support. And there are other fun ways in which your animal will take control of their own healing: Space flower cards (each card has a picture of the actual flower) out on the floor and let your animal chose a card. As a simple system, Bach Flowers are incredibly easy for anyone to use; on themselves, their family and … One evening, before work, one of the other waitresses presented me with the list and uses of the Bach Flower remedies. With the unique agave syrup of the blue agave. All Liquids are … There are several levels of dilution in the preparation of flower essences. for flower essence use, based on several decades of experience. How to Use and Take MoonFlower Essences. Flower remedies act as a tuning fork ~ removing static + bringing your body back into tune. Keep your bottle away from sunlight, electrical appliances as mobile phone and chemicals. Fill a clean 30 mL bottle ¾ full of spring water. HOW TO USE FLOWER ESSENCES: Taking 3-4 drops 3-4 times per day, either under the tongue, or in some water is a general guideline. Dosage. How to use Flora of Asia Flower Essence Combination Formulas. Adding to lotions or oils: Dilute ten drops of each chosen essence (no more than ten essences) in a 100 ml bottle of lotion or oil. The remedies work on an energetic level, similar to homeopathy, acupuncture or Reiki. Additionally, you can use this flower essence when you sense grief or sadness, which can feel draining and heavy. The reason I’m so passionate about flower essences right now is because the greatest illness of the 21st century is not a pandemic, but a mindset of disconnection. There are several ways to ingest flower essences, including the two principle methods of internal and topical application. Dr Bach called a combination made in this way, a treatment bottle. Take a few drops by mouth. Flower Essences specifically use flowers in bloom to make an essence. However, it was in the 1930’s that the British physician, Dr. Edward Bach pioneered a … Essences can be dabbed on pulse points, acupuncture sites, places of tension or injury on the body. About The Bach Flower Remedies. Flower Essences may also be added to bath water (16 drops per use). But they use fewer materials and don't work directly on physical symptoms, but instead on the emotions. Thank you for your interest in MoonFlower Essences - flower essences are so easy and safe to take and below I share with you some creative suggestions to use your MoonFlower Essences. Flower essences are primarily used to support the emotional, mental, and spiritual body, and they embody the concept of self-care. HOW TO USE FLOWER ESSENCES FOR DOGS AND CATS. But traditionalists disagree. Because every animal is unique, and because it is impossible to know how deep-seated the behavior is, you may or may not see an immediate result from the formula. Traditionally, flower elixirs are taken internally (like a tincture) -- and we've pioneered new applications infused with aromatherapy: aura mists, anointing oils, balancing serums & bath salts. Bach Flower Essences were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, in the early 1900’s. Afterward, the flower petals are removed from the treated water. Thank you David and Sara.” KIM “I am 47 and this line has my skin glowing so much that strangers compliment me!!! I believe in trusting your own guidance; if you feel like you need to use more one day and less the next, trust that. At the time, I was working as a waitress in London, whilst at the same time studying to be a drama teacher. Use Flower Essences Externally. They are used to smooth out any emotional imbalances, and change negative emotions into positive. Using flower essence remedies for topical use has proven to have a profound effect on relieving hair and skin symptoms. Obtain a glass 30 ml (1 oz.) See which card they are drawn to, as that will be the flower essence they need. * The most common method of use is internal. The idea behind Bach flower remedies is similar to homeopathy. Aging skin, thinning hair, acne, eczema, poison oak, shingles are some common challenges related to physical appearance. Internal Use—All of the flower, gem and environmental essences we sell are bottled at the stock level of dilution and each bottle has been individually hand potentized.. You can use our essences in different ways, but, first choose the appropriate essences. Flower essences are a liquid remedy made through a simple process of solarizing freshly picked blossoms in distilled water. Making and Using Flower Essences By Cathy Skipper. Here are some suggestions for taking these essences. Important Alaskan Essences for animals Edis Liquids are ready-to-use bio-certified mixtures. Bach Flower Remedies are a complete system of 38 Flower Remedies that were developed by Dr Bach more than 60 years ago. Rose Flower Essence Tincture; Palo Santo Essential Oil; As Seen in. Online class Flower Essences for Animals. He made sure that when he died in 1936 that his original Bach Flower system would be simple and easy for everyone to understand and use. A bottle of flower essences requires always something alcoholic as a preservative; in this case, we use a low percentage of ethanol (natural antibacterial preservative) and natural vegetable glycerine. Flower essences are usually sold as concentrated stock bottles and must be further diluted in pure spring-water. Simply mist under your tongue 2-4 times a day. You can also dowse for the correct Flower Essence using a pendulum. Flower essences come in glass dropper bottles and are taken just a few drops at a time, or, with the spray bottle and are taken with a few drops from one or two sprays. First shake the bottle then place a few drops under the tongue (sublingually). Why Use Flower Essences?