Static modifiers are game objects defined at "common/static_modifiers/xxx.txt". Mod "Guilli's Planet Modifiers" for Stellaris. Modifies the research speed of a specific category's technologies. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the 4X grand strategy … Press J to jump to the feed. 1. Modifies the energy cost of enabling edicts. Modifies the resource cost of enabling edicts. Stellaris – Console Commands for Adding Resources to Planets. Modifies research speed of engineering/physics/society branch technologies . battleship, colonizer, corvette, cruiser, destroyer, military_station, science, colonizer, constructor, military, military_special, military_station, mining_station, observation_station, research_station, science_ship, starbase, transport, ion_cannon, build_cost, build_speed, damage, disengage, evasion, hull, abandoned_ship, alien_racing_ship, ancient_corvette, ancient_destroyer, ancient_drone_station, ancient_mining_drone, ark, asteroid, battleship, blue_core_ai, blue_military_station_large_ai, blue_military_station_small_ai, caravaneer_cargoship_01, caravaneer_cruiser_01, caravaneer_destroyer_01, caravaneer_station_01, civilian_freighter, civilian_tanker, colonizer, colony_ship, colony_ship_ai, colossus, construction_ship_ai, construction_ship_ed, construction_ship_swarm, constructor, core_ai, corrupted_avatar, corvette, cruiser, crystal_ship_large_blue, crystal_ship_large_blue, crystal_ship_large_green_elite, crystal_ship_large_green, crystal_ship_large_red_elite, crystal_ship_large_red, crystal_ship_large_yellow_elite, crystal_ship_medium_blue, crystal_ship_medium_blue_elite, crystal_ship_medium_green, crystal_ship_medium_green_elite, crystal_ship_medium_red, crystal_ship_medium_red_elite, crystal_ship_medium_yellow, crystal_ship_medium_yellow_elite, crystal_ship_small_blue, crystal_ship_small_blue_elite, crystal_ship_small_green, crystal_ship_small_green_elite, crystal_ship_small_red, crystal_ship_small_red_elite, crystal_ship_small_yellow, crystal_ship_small_yellow_elite, crystal_station_large, destroyer, dimensional_horror, dimensional_portal_ed, enclave_station, enigmatic_cache, eventship_[01-07], final_core_ai, galleon, graygoo_factory, graygoo_interdictor, graygoo_mothership, hive_asteroid, homebase, ion_cannon, large_ship_ai, large_ship_carrier_swarm, large_ship_ed, large_ship_fallen_empire, large_ship_swarm, leviathan_01_elder_tiyanki, leviathan_01_scavenger_bot, leviathan_01_voidspawn, leviathan_01_voidspawn, marauder_corvette, marauder_cruiser, marauder_destroyer, marauder_galleon, marauder_station, marauder_void_dwelling, massive_ship_fallen_empire, medium_ship_ed, military_station_large_ai, military_station_large_fallen_empire, military_station_large, military_station_medium, military_station_small_ai, military_station_small, military_station_small_fallen_empire, military_station_small, mining_station, nanite_space_dragon_baby, nomad_destroyer, npc_warship_01, observation_station, passenger_liner, pirate_corvette, pirate_cruiser, pirate_destroyer, pirate_station, primitive_space_station, probe, psionic_avatar, queen_swarm, research_station, science, sensor_station_01, sentinel_station, shroud_manifestation, small_ship_ai, small_ship_ed, small_ship_fallen_empire, small_ship_swarm, space_amoeba, space_amoeba_mother, space_cloud, space_dragon_baby, space_dragon_blue, space_dragon_red, space_whale_[1-4], sphere, sponsored_colonizer, starbase_ai, starbase_caravaneer, starbase_citadel, starbase_exd, starbase_fe_outpost,starbase_gatebuilders, starbase_marauder, starbase_outpost, starbase_starfortres, starbase_starhold, starbase_starport, starbase_swarm, station_generic_01, station_1, station_m, station_s, station_xl, station_xs, stellarite, titan, transport, transport_ship_ai, transport_ship_swarm, warped_consciousness, wraith_01_blue, wraith_01_red, wraith_01_yellow. Compatible with all DLC. Leader IDs can be read by hovering over a leader in the Leaders or Empire menus. Modifies the influence gain from fighting a defensive war. Modifies research speed for overlord or subject for technologies discovered by other empire. Only those that are defined for weapon type actually have an effect, but the game auto generates modifiers for all component tags. 7. component_tags - each component tag auto generates three modifiers. (0.10 would be 10 percent faster, etc. Finishing it removes the modifier and has a 25% chance to add the, Empire gains a special project. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. A modifier is set through various files to influence a scope's gameplay state, be it a country, planet, etc. If a planet is terraformed the deposit features are changed to new ones that allow the same number of Districts to be built. Where X is the ID of the modifier. This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 15:05. Each new modifier requires localisation and most also require an icon (stored in gfx/interface/icons/modifiers) with an identical key. Changes the number of the settling population of colony ships that colonies start with. ship_graveyard:0 "Starship Graveyard" This article has been verified for the current PC,, Empire gains a special project. 10. resources - these get multiple potential modifiers, applying both to resources defined as is_rare = yes and is_rare = no. Close. Modifies the fire rate bonus given to smaller fleets during battle. In console you can do this with the effect command (with target planet selected):. Each stage lasts roughly 10 years and increases the effects of the previous stage. Modifies pops' happiness, excluding pops without. Authors: Guilliman. Modifies the base resource production of a certain job. Random anomalies can generate a great variety of planet modifiers but those usually do not have any effects. If you want more of that sci-fi sense of wonder in your game, Guilli’s Planet Modifiers and Features is a supernova of discovery. Use notification modifiers instead of static modifiers if your modifier do not have any modifiers anyway, because modifier updating is performance intensive. a_star, ai, alpine, arctic, arid, asteroid, b_star, barren, barren_cold, black_hole, broken, city, continental, crystal_asteroid, cybrex, desert, egg_cracked, f_star, frozen, g_star, gaia, gas_giant, gray_goo, habitat, habitat_shielded, hive, ice_asteroid, infested, k_star, m_giant_star, m_star, machine, molten, neutron_star, nuked, ocean, pulsar, rare_crystal_asteroid, relic, ringworld_habitable, ringworld_habitable_damaged, ringworld_seam, ringworld_seam_damaged, ringworld_shielded, ringworld_tech, ringworld_tech_damaged, savannah, shattered, shielded, shrouded, t_star, toxic, tropical, tundra.